Personal Project
  • Rolleiflex - "Twin Lens" Media

    A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of an old Rolleiflex camera that I found in our office when we were moving things around. I decided to explore this old beauty a little bit more. Camera made back then were physically so much more beautiful than they are today. The build quality, shape, and feel were all so solid and pristine. I sat down with it for a couple hours and came up with this very short video. Thank you to Derek Brown for the music. Enjoy.

  • Sailing with Jack Bradley

    Early last week Brian and I looked at the forecast, and saw that Wednesday was supposed to be 80˚. We decided to make the most of the good weather, and headed to the Cape for a sail. Along the way, we picked up somebody to accompany us, Jack Bradley, the photographer for Louis Armstrong. We packed a cooler and took off. A few hours went by so quickly listening to Jacks amazing stories about Louis in the old days. Here are a few shots from the day. Enjoy.

    Written by: Brian Tortora