• Wescott Ice Light

    When we’re looking for video equipment to buy, we look for the stuff that’s lightweight (if it can be), durable, and fits into our workflow. We just got an awesome piece of equipment that we’re really excited about; it’s called the Ice Light. 

    It’s a small, handheld, battery powered, BRIGHT LED light source. We’ve only had it for a few days but we have big plans for this little light. In a lot of situations, it can replace our big fluorescent lights (but not all of them!). It will be great for being a main light, hair light, accent light, or background light for use in both still photography and videography. Make sure you stay tuned for more examples of us using the light!

  • Building a 4' x 6' Scrim (DIY Post)

    So I've stumbled upon this article on, it's about making your own light scrim. You can read it for yourself on their website.

    This really interested me because there is something so amazing about natural light that has been diffused through a big silk screen. Typically these things are so expensive if you were to buy them from a camera store, they can cost up to $600! This is my attempt at buidling one for $50.


    • 10 foot sections of 1" PVC piping (x4)
    • 90˚ elbow pieces (x4)
    • 2ish yards of white rip stop nylon
    The PVC material can be found at any hardware store and the nylon can be found at MOST fabric stores.
    The first thing I did was send the fabric to a seamstress as I am absolutely horrible with a sewing machine. I stretched the fabric out and saftey pinned it to where I wanted the stitches. I had both 4' sides hemmed and a 1" loop on both 6' sides.
    After I got the fabric back, I assembled both scrims and voila! 
    Daniela Goncalves (of acting as Vanna White.
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to test them because these were assembled on a rather overcast day. But I'm extremely eager to use them and will show you guys the first time I do!
    They pack up pretty small. Disconnect the 4' sections and put them inside the silk and roll them up. 
    Thank you for viewing, I hope you enjoyed it! If you decide to make your own, tell me how it went! 
    Written by Brian Tortora