• 900 Wins

    On Friday afternoon, we got a call at the Twin Lens Media office. Our friends at Bentley University are interested in another video. This time, our job is to cover a basketball game. Not just any basketball game though. Coach Barbara Stevens is approaching her 900th career win for Bentley University. The twist; the job is on Saturday. Of course we said yes, and we began packing our bags. 

    We shot this game with a 16-35mm on the Glidecam HD-2000 and the Sony NEX VG-30 with a 18-200mm lens on a monopod. 

    The court was packed with people and fans, almost every seat was taken! The few hours we were there, there was just so much energy to see and capture. The final score was 98 - 82, Bentley wins!

    On Sunday, we began editing. Hours of footage eventually transformed into 3 minutes of footage as we pieced together the story line. On Tuesday, the video was posted to the website and it got over 1,000 views in one day. We're always happy when our client is happy, so we considered this a job well done.

    Written by: Brian Tortora