• 900 Wins

    On Friday afternoon, we got a call at the Twin Lens Media office. Our friends at Bentley University are interested in another video. This time, our job is to cover a basketball game. Not just any basketball game though. Coach Barbara Stevens is approaching her 900th career win for Bentley University. The twist; the job is on Saturday. Of course we said yes, and we began packing our bags. 

    We shot this game with a 16-35mm on the Glidecam HD-2000 and the Sony NEX VG-30 with a 18-200mm lens on a monopod. 

    The court was packed with people and fans, almost every seat was taken! The few hours we were there, there was just so much energy to see and capture. The final score was 98 - 82, Bentley wins!

    On Sunday, we began editing. Hours of footage eventually transformed into 3 minutes of footage as we pieced together the story line. On Tuesday, the video was posted to the website and it got over 1,000 views in one day. We're always happy when our client is happy, so we considered this a job well done.

    Written by: Brian Tortora

  • Frozen Fenway

    Frozen Fenway

    Our good friends at Bentley University came to us last month asking if we were available to capture the excitement surrounding their hockey team playing at Fenway Park in both stills and video - a true "Twin Lens" Media event. We lucked out, along with the fans, with a rather warm December evening and the team did their part by providing the win.

    I decided I wanted to use the Glidecam HD-2000 most of the night so I could be very portable and capture the action with moving shots with the 16-35mm. Every now and then I switched to a mono-pod and the 70-200mm lens.

    It was nice to see the Bentley Alumni mingling and having fun. Getting meaningful interviews from them wasn't hard.

    All in all, it was a great shoot and we're very pleased with the result. Stay tuned for more.

    Written by: Brian Tortora

  • Wescott Ice Light

    When we’re looking for video equipment to buy, we look for the stuff that’s lightweight (if it can be), durable, and fits into our workflow. We just got an awesome piece of equipment that we’re really excited about; it’s called the Ice Light. 

    It’s a small, handheld, battery powered, BRIGHT LED light source. We’ve only had it for a few days but we have big plans for this little light. In a lot of situations, it can replace our big fluorescent lights (but not all of them!). It will be great for being a main light, hair light, accent light, or background light for use in both still photography and videography. Make sure you stay tuned for more examples of us using the light!

  • Rolleiflex - "Twin Lens" Media

    A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of an old Rolleiflex camera that I found in our office when we were moving things around. I decided to explore this old beauty a little bit more. Camera made back then were physically so much more beautiful than they are today. The build quality, shape, and feel were all so solid and pristine. I sat down with it for a couple hours and came up with this very short video. Thank you to Derek Brown for the music. Enjoy.

  • Building a 4' x 6' Scrim (DIY Post)

    So I've stumbled upon this article on, it's about making your own light scrim. You can read it for yourself on their website.

    This really interested me because there is something so amazing about natural light that has been diffused through a big silk screen. Typically these things are so expensive if you were to buy them from a camera store, they can cost up to $600! This is my attempt at buidling one for $50.


    • 10 foot sections of 1" PVC piping (x4)
    • 90˚ elbow pieces (x4)
    • 2ish yards of white rip stop nylon
    The PVC material can be found at any hardware store and the nylon can be found at MOST fabric stores.
    The first thing I did was send the fabric to a seamstress as I am absolutely horrible with a sewing machine. I stretched the fabric out and saftey pinned it to where I wanted the stitches. I had both 4' sides hemmed and a 1" loop on both 6' sides.
    After I got the fabric back, I assembled both scrims and voila! 
    Daniela Goncalves (of acting as Vanna White.
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to test them because these were assembled on a rather overcast day. But I'm extremely eager to use them and will show you guys the first time I do!
    They pack up pretty small. Disconnect the 4' sections and put them inside the silk and roll them up. 
    Thank you for viewing, I hope you enjoyed it! If you decide to make your own, tell me how it went! 
    Written by Brian Tortora
  • MNN Conference

    Yesterday, Twin Lens Media had the opportunity to participate in the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Conference. It was an excellent time to meet and shake the hands of people who are representing nonprofit organizations all over the state. Daniela (from and I operated the booth for the day. We had a lot of great compliments to our booth that is was fitting for the theme of the day which was Technology. We had cameras setup with our cinema rig, an iMac and two iPads showing visitors content on our website, print pieces describing our company, and business cards galore. Here's a picture of our setup. Excuse the guy who is in the middle of the booth who obviously hasn't had any caffeine yet.

    All in all, it was a great experience and we ended up with a bunch of contacts. We look forward to working with everyone that we had the pleasure of meeting!

    Written by: Brian Tortora

  • Preparation for the MNN Exhibition

    A few weeks ago, one of our clients informed us about a conference coming up at the end of October hosted by an organization called Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. It's a day where vendors can exhibit their trades infront of hundreds of nonprofit organizations. So Brian and I talked it over, and decided to partake in this event. We hope to turn people's heads during the event as we plan on being the only video production company to be exhibiting! In preparation, we've printed some posters containing testimonials our clients have written for us, and outsourced a nice vinyl banner to hang above our booth. 

    We're also going to be assembling a couple of camera rigs to draw people's attention. This setup is one of our favorites. A Rhino camera slider with our Ikan Follow Focus and rail system, equiped with a Zacuto Z-Finder.

    Along side all of this stuff will be an iMac and two iPad's for our viewers to check out our website and galleries of our work.

    Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for pictures of the booth and updates on the event!

    Written by: Brian Tortora

  • Sailing with Jack Bradley

    Early last week Brian and I looked at the forecast, and saw that Wednesday was supposed to be 80˚. We decided to make the most of the good weather, and headed to the Cape for a sail. Along the way, we picked up somebody to accompany us, Jack Bradley, the photographer for Louis Armstrong. We packed a cooler and took off. A few hours went by so quickly listening to Jacks amazing stories about Louis in the old days. Here are a few shots from the day. Enjoy.

    Written by: Brian Tortora

  • Stay Tuned!

    Thanks for checking out our website, we're currently pulling together some content to show you guys on our blog. Until then, enjoy the work in our portfolio.